A Scensible Start

A Scensible Start

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Menstruation can be a stressful time of the month, especially when a period begins unexpectedly and getting caught unprepared with basic supplies. Not all public restrooms are created equal with coin operated vending machines or a supply of free products.  Feel secure and be prepared with a scensible start. 

Small and lightweight to carry in a backpack, purse, briefcase, and on the go. Ideal to keep in a school locker or work desk.

A repurposed IPSY glam bag contains pads, panty liners, and 2 travel packs of Scensibles® disposable bags. 

  • Remember to replenish the kit as needed
  • Plenty of room to store a spare pair of panties
  • Help a menstruator in need— you’ll be ready with a pad should anyone ever ask
  • Discreet and convenient to keep in a workplace washroom
  • Extra Scensibles travel packs available here

*We choose the color/pattern of the Ipsy bag.