Scensibles Personal Disposal Bags (Box of 50) for Tampons, Sanitary Pads, Panty Liners- Menstrual Care and Hygiene Products

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ONE (1) BOX of 50 Scensibles Bags-  Unique, innovative bag for clean, easy discreet disposal of menstrual care items- tampons, sanitary pads and panty liners. Totally conceal all feminine care products including personal care wipes! Interleaved bags dispense easily. Trouble free alternative to flushing. insert product, tie and toss into waste bin. Avoid costly clogs. Perfect for homes on septic systems or RV's. The sanitary solution you need- anytime, anywhere
About the Product
  • NEW LOOK: Use Scensibles bags for clean, easy, discreet disposal of tampons, pads, pantyliners, wipes, feminine hygiene products, disposable menstrual cups or discs. Bags are interleave folded for easy dispensing one bag at a time.
  • SANITARY and DISCREET: Scensibles bags offer a more hygienic alternative than wrapping products in wads of toilet paper. One sized scented bag (9.75” x 3.5”) accommodates varying sizes of feminine care products and are made with 20% recycled plastic. Contemporary grey on pink pattern obscures contents from view and easy tie handle closure conceals product.
  • REDUCE ODORS: Avoid smelly trash cans due to menstrual waste! Scensibles bags contain both a fresh fragrance and a proprietary additive that inhibit odors.
  • PROTECT YOUR PLUMBING: Stop unnecessary flushing of tampons, sanitary pads, wipes and other feminine hygiene products! Effective way to protect toilets, plumbing, sewer lines and septic systems from expensive clogs. Perfect for home as well as RVs and boats.
  • OUR COMMITMENT: When you choose Scensibles bags you’re raising awareness of proper disposal practices, keeping menstrual waste out of the wastewater stream, and supporting our charitable donations of menstrual care products to those in need.
  • Millions of happy period products worldwide!